School ” The Consolation ” in Valle (Ecuador)

Built with input from Delwende in 2003, “The Consolation” is a private school to care for people with limited financial resources, for different reasons, can not access state schools. The number of seats in state schools on the outskirts of … More

Isolated Collaborations

Sometimes specific needs, although the contributions are small Delwende can contribute to substantially improve the quality of life of beneficiaries to which they are intended for. Venezuela: Repairs and Installations at Casa Hogar San José in Barcelona. Help build a … More

Shelter house for Women in Salamanca (Spain)

The Shelter Home for Women in Salamanca is a charity and social centre consisting of a residence for pregnant women and children under one year who lack economic resources and family and social support. The project “WOMAN BE HAPPY, LIFE … More

School Grants for Education and Materials

Scholarships and study grants are one of the instruments contributing more effectively to make possible the principle of equal opportunities and ensure social cohesion. Delwende wants to continue educating to the day of tomorrow children and young people of today … More

Dining Hakumana Center for Aids Patients in Matola (Mozambique)

The HAKUMANA Centre, belonging to the institution Maria Mãe Africa, stems from the need to respond to the social problems of AIDS that was manifested in the assembly on the HVI-AIDS Committee of Religious Mozambique. It seeks to address the … More