Project supported in Current budget Project Woman and Mother in Linares, Jaén (Spain)

The  integration project , Support and Social Promotion “Women and Mother” takes place in the shelter “Santa Maria Rosa Molas” for pregnant women and young mothers at risk of social exclusion or gender violence, which were offers the opportunity to … More


Project supported in Current budget Social Center “Virgen de la Consolación” in Patacamaya (Bolivia)

From the very beginning the whole region of Patacamaya was characterized by the people with clearly Aimara origin, noticeable by their organization and productive ways, identifying the municipality´s inhabitants with Aimaras roots and origins with their own cultural basis. The … More


Project supported in Current budget Quality Education for everyone, College CEMAR in Ceilândia (Brasil)

College CEMAR (Centro Educational Santa María Rosa Molas), as an institution, is not an abstract reality, it is located in a socioeconomically context of contradictions, conflicts and challenges ruled by social inequality, bad living conditions, disrespect of the fundamental human … More

Project supported in Current budget Care Center “Carmen Colera” in Ceilândia (Brazil)

In this center are served, through the “Grow” project, more than 160 children aged three to fourteen years in poverty, risk of abandonment and educational backwardness and social exploitation. Founded in 1993, Delwende collaborates with the project since 2002. Working … More