School ” The Consolation ” in Valle (Ecuador)

Built with input from Delwende in 2003, “The Consolation” is a private school to care for people with limited financial resources, for different reasons, can not access state schools. The number of seats in state schools on the outskirts of … More

Dining Hakumana Center for Aids Patients in Matola (Mozambique)

The HAKUMANA Centre, belonging to the institution Maria Mãe Africa, stems from the need to respond to the social problems of AIDS that was manifested in the assembly on the HVI-AIDS Committee of Religious Mozambique. It seeks to address the … More

Hostel for Women in transit. Zilina (Slovakia)

Located in the city of Zilina, the house Mary Mother of Consolation (Dom Matky Útechy Panny Marie) is a social assistance center serving and gives accommodation to women who are homeless or are going through a crisis. It also helps … More

Project Woman and Mother in Linares, Jaén (Spain)

The  integration project , Support and Social Promotion “Women and Mother” takes place in the shelter “Santa Maria Rosa Molas” for pregnant women and young mothers at risk of social exclusion or gender violence, which were offers the opportunity to … More

Social Medical Center “Notre Dame de la Consolation” in Atakpamé (Togo)

The construction of Social Medical Center “Notre Dame de la Consolation” was carried out from 2006 to 2009 thanks to the contributions made by Delwende, has 22 inpatient beds, 28 local employees and serves over 5,000 people annually. The center … More