Urges for a universal ethic

Urges for a universal ethic Consisting of: Development of a culture of peace and non-violence Strong anti-war opinion as a way for  conflict resolution Opposition to any arms race Respect for: life, people, animals, trees and plants Environmental care, “our … More


I’m green just because of muy love to the Gospel truth. I’m not green because I am green part activist or because I support an non profit organisation that protects the environment. The Christianity origin is deeply rooted to the … More

Living slowly

A great lesson from the South to the North: LIVE SLOWLY Over here we live such a hectic life, always so busy… We eat fast, we walk fast, we talk fast… We jump from one activity to another without any … More


2nd April 2015, Maundy Thursday. One hundred and forty eight Kenyans, most of them students, die assassinated by the hands of terrorists in the Garissa University where they were forging their dreams with great tenacity. They weren’t artists, they weren’t … More

Four tasks for today

Who is up to doing this task? To love sounds nice but to truly love something isn’t an act. It’s a lifestyle. To love means dedication. The rest comes with it: who LOVES, lives, feels and, of course, smiles. People … More

A law and a treaty in our hands

I’m sure you have heard about them. The law has recently been passed and the treaty is all over the media. I’m talking about the Ley Orgánica de Seguridad Ciudadana (Organic Law in the Protection of Public Safety) classified as … More